Monday, November 03, 2014

Facebook Ads - 5 Key Things to Know

I've spent the past few months trying to get to grips with Facebook Ads so that I can use them as a practical means of getting traffic to my websites, with the goal of converting that traffic to sales in the most economical way possible.

After much research and testing, I believe that I have come up with 5 key things that it's vital to know about Facebook Ads, at least in the context of my particular goals anyway (my goal is clicks to my external website):

1. Ads within the same advert set should have the same targeting, whether that be interests, country, age, or gender etc.

If you don't follow this rule then Facebook will make your different targeted ads fight against each other, and will end up giving more impressions and budget to the better performing one, even if they're aimed at different people.

2. If using oCPM (Optimised Cost Per Mille - aka. Pay Per Impression) as your advertising method, your target audience should ideally be greater than 1,000,000, but at least greater than 400,000 to 500,000, otherwise Facebook's optimisation won't work efficiently, and you may end up paying more per click.

3. If you're not getting enough impressions with oCPM, it's probably because your target audience is too small (see 2.). In this case, you should switch to CPC (Cost Per Click - aka. Pay Per Click PPC).

Note that Facebook's "Cost Per Click" setting doesn't just include "clicks" to your website, so you're being charged even if somebody clicks on the ad to go to your Facebook page. In some cases my "Cost Per Website Click" has been about four times the maximum value that I set for CPC because only one in every four "clickers" was actually clicking on the website link. This is an important thing to be aware of when trying to work out the maximum you can afford to bid per click.

4. If your budget is not being spent on oCPM, it might be better to switch to CPC, as Facebook is clearly not delivery enough impressions.

5. Calculate how much, on average, each click from Facebook to your website is earning you, then make sure that your "Cost Per Website Click" on Facebook is less than that amount. Obviously, if each click from Facebook is costing you more than you're making from it (on average) then you're going to be losing money on your ad campaign, which is not the idea of advertising.

As mentioned earlier, these are the key points I've learnt from researching on the internet, and testing my own campaigns, and they seem to make sense. Obviously, I can't guarantee that they'll be right for your particular campaign or goals, so please test, test, and test again for yourself. You use these tips at your own risk, so I won't be held responsible if they don't work out right for you.

If you have comments on these, your own tips, or you disagree with these, please let me know. A good discussion helps us all learn and get better results.

Credit should be given to Mats Lyngstad at for some useful information on Facebook Ads oCPM. Check



Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wrestling Manager Game out now for iPhone, iPad, and Android

My new Shoot Pro Wrestling Game is out now for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The game is a bit like Football Manager, but with wrestling, so it originally went under the title of Wrestling Manager Game.

The game builds on my original Wrestling Booker Game by adding fully-simulated shoot fights between wrestlers (singles and tag teams) as well as added depth like wrestler injuries.

You can buy the game here:



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DDP Yoga Review - It Works!

So, like everybody else, you're looking for a review of DDP Yoga and asking the question, "Does DDP Yoga work?" Well, I'm here to tell you now, from my own personal experience, that it does work. Now, don't waste any more time wondering, just get on with making yourself fitter, healthier, and happier!

Okay, so you're a shrewd person, who needs a bit more convincing. That's fair enough. I'm the same way. Therefore, I think it's probably best if I tell you how my adventure with DDP Yoga started.

DDP Yoga Review - It Works! - DDP Diamond Dallas Page showing his DDP Yoga moves

I actually didn't originally buy DDP Yoga for myself, I bought it for a female friend who wanted to lose some weight and get in shape, but who had a nagging back problem that hampered her progress. She'd tried an exercise bike to burn some calories, but the sitting position put too much strain on her lower back, so the time she could spend on it was limited. Similar problems arose when using a stepper and a rowing machine. A treadmill was fairly comfortable to walk on, but it just wasn't giving her the all-over body toning that she wanted. It seemed to be a bit of a Catch-22 situation, as the extra weight she was carrying would put additional strain on her back, and affect her ability to exercise even more. Not only was she finding it physically difficult to exercise, but also mentally too, as she was losing confidence that she'd ever being able to workout enough to get the body she wanted.

In July 2012, after several months of trying to find a suitable exercise solution for her, I happened to find the, now famous, YouTube video of Arthur Boorman doing DDP Yoga (if you've not seen it yet then look it up). After watching the video and being impressed with what Arthur achieved, I showed the video to my friend. I said to her something along the lines of, "That man had been walking on canes with a back brace for 15 years, but now he's fit and able to run. If he can do it, then I think it might work for you." Inspired by what we'd seen, I ordered the first DDP Yoga DVD in the set.

When the package arrived, I saw that DDP Yoga was much more than just a Yoga DVD. Sure, it had the wall chart showing how to do the moves, but it also had a book giving nutrition and motivational advice. On top of that, you had the sheer driving force and charisma of DDP himself, Diamond Dallas Page. You don't get to be one of the top stars on what was then the hottest pro-wrestling show on TV in the US (and possibly the World) without knowing something about firing people up. Surprisingly though, rather than just screaming at you like an over-the-top drill sergeant, DDP offers a caring and supportive side, advising people to make modifications to the moves if they need to, or to "put the thing on pause" if the workout gets a bit intense and they need a breather. It's this that makes the DDP Yoga workouts special, as you feel almost like you're getting one-on-one training, rather than just being a member of a large class.

DDP Yoga Review - It Works! - The DDP Yoga DVD Package

The complete set of DDP Yoga DVDs consists of 6 discs arranged into 3 sets from beginner to "extreme". However, even just the two "beginner" DVDs offer enough variety of workouts to allow you to keep things interesting, whilst still pushing yourself. For example, the short (20-30 mins) "Energy" and "Fat Burner" workouts are compact enough that you can do one of them every day, or you can put the 15 minute "Red Hot Core" workout on the end to give your abs an extra blast. Alternatively, if the shorter workouts aren't challenging enough, the 1 hour "Diamond Cutter" workout will give you a good test, and, of course, you can always tack "Red Hot Core" on the end of that if you still want a bit more.

Another good thing about the DDP Yoga workouts is that the participants exercising behind DDP are all of differing fitness levels (and one normally does the simpler modifications), meaning that you don't ever feel like you're the struggler of the class. It's also useful, as DDP takes the time to give individual advice to his "students", which in turn helps you perfect your own positions.

It's important to point out at this stage that DDP Yoga isn't like some traditional yoga DVDs that you may have seen. It actually started life as YRG yoga (Yoga for Regular Guys), and so it's closer to a form of power yoga than to the more meditative forms. There is still a focus on stretching and flexibility, but there's also a focus on power moves like push-ups, and the use of "dynamic resistance" to build and tone muscle. Put simply, it'll make you sweat!

Although I initially bought the DDP Yoga DVDs to try to help my friend, I couldn't resist giving it a go myself, and have now worked my way through all the DVDs, right up to the "Extreme Psycho" workout, which still punishes me. That said, the way DDP Yoga is structured, I still find that I can go back to the earlier workouts when I want a change, and I still find that they can be beneficial. There's certainly not a feeling that the earlier workouts are redundant once you move on to a later DVD. You can mix and match workouts to target whatever part of your body you want to focus on, and to keep things interesting.

As if the workout DVDs and book weren't already enough for DDP Yoga, there's more, in the form of Team DDP Yoga is a social site especially for users of DDP Yoga, where they can get motivational support and advice from other members. It's like being part of an exclusive club where you never feel alone, as there are always people there who have been through the same thing as you, and can offer support. It's what lifts DDP Yoga above all the other workout DVDs on the market.

I've now been doing DDP Yoga for over two years, and I find it to be the best all-round exercise I can do. The free MP3 audio versions that come with the DVDs even mean that I can do it in my hotel room using my mobile phone when I'm working away from home. All I need to do is throw a bath towel on the floor.

My friend has also made great progress with DDP Yoga, and enjoys doing it on a daily basis. She felt a great sense of achievement when she was able to bend and stretch in ways that she wasn't able to before her back injury, and she found that DDP's assurance that it's okay to adapt the moves gave her the confidence to continue with the workouts, even when some positions were a bit tricky for her. At no point did DDP Yoga make her feel like she had to give up as it was impossible for her, and that's the beauty of it.

If you too would like to improve your health and fitness with DDP Yoga, head over to

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am so impressed with DDP Yoga that I really need no other incentive to make me recommend it to people. However, in order to help with the cost of running JRT Sports & Fitness, the above link is an affiliate link.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Boxing Manager Game Round 2 for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

Boxing Manager Game Round 2 is finally available for iOS devices like iPad and iPhone, as well as for Android devices and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Now, iPad and iPhone owners can enjoy what owners of Android and Kindle Fire owners have been enjoying!

Boxing Manager Game Round 2 for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

Boxing Manager Game Round 2 is a new, faster version of the popular strategy boxing game. Can you create a champion in an ever-evolving world of 100 unique boxers who train, improve, age, and retire?

Inspired by classic management style boxing games of the past such as World Championship Boxing Manager for the Commodore Amiga. Can you take your boxer stable to the top of the World Heavyweight Boxing Rankings and help them win the World Heavyweight Championship?

Get Boxing Manager Game Round 2 now:

Visit the official Boxing Manager Game website for more information:


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why Boxing Manager Game Round 2 isn't free for Android or Kindle Fire

Last week, I released an update of my Boxing Manager Game called Boxing Manager Game Round 2 for Android and Kindle Fire. Since the game is basically a faster version of the original game, with no new gameplay features, some might question why it was released as a completely separate game, rather than as a free update for existing owners. I hope this post will answer that question.

Why Boxing Manager Game Round 2 isn't free for Android or Kindle Fire

Ever since I released my Boxing Manager game on Android and Kindle Fire, I've had numerous requests for an iOS version that will run on the iPad and iPhone. The biggest obstacle to me doing this was the fact that the game had been built using a software development kit (SDK) that didn't offer me any way to produce an iOS version. This meant that if an iOS version was going to happen, it was going to have to be completely reprogrammed using a different SDK, and I just didn't want to take that on at the time.

After many months, I finally felt that I had the enthusiasm to tackle the conversion, so I set about converting the code over to Corona SDK, so that I could produce the long-awaited iOS version of Boxing Manager. That version is now available on the iTunes App Store here:

One of the happy side effects of reprogramming the game with Corona SDK was that the game ran a lot faster than the original version that was released for Android and Kindle Fire. While the old SDK (Ren'py) is very good at what it's designed for, visual novels, it was never intended to handle the large amount of data that a game like Boxing Manager deals with, so the game always ran a bit slowly when doing daily updates or simulating fights. Since I could easily produce a new, faster version for Android and Kindle Fire using the Corona code, it seemed unfair to deny those users the opportunity to play the same, faster version that iOS owners can.

The big problem was that Ren'py had its own, built-in save/load system, which was used in the original Boxing Manager game. However, for "Round 2", I had to program a new save/load system from scratch, which, unfortunately, wasn't compatible with the Ren'py system. This incompatibility meant that if I were release Round 2 as an upgrade of the original game, it would have rendered everybody's saved games useless, which wouldn't have been good. Therefore, the only option was to release Round 2 as a totally separate game.

With that in mind, I want to make sure that owners of the original Boxing Manager Game understand that Round 2 is basically the same game, albeit a faster version. I don't want owners of the old game to abandon their existing save games and pay for Round 2 expecting to find a host of new gameplay features, as there are none. If you're happy with the original game then stick with it. However, if you feel you've reached a point in your managerial career where you'd like to start afresh, then you might be interested in the faster features of Round 2.

My intention isn't to make people pay twice for what is practically the same game, I just want to give new Android and Kindle Fire gamers the opportunity to play the same, faster version as iOS owners.

I hope this clears up any confusion.